A great resume is the best way to make sure that you are considered for a job that you deserve.  Decades of experience has enabled us to offer some unique insight so that you can make sure that your resume is up to par.  Here’s what we recommend:

Have a clear message.  Resumes need to show a focus.  Highlighting too many varying skills and job titles does not allow the employer to understand what you’re really good at and where your passion lies.

Make sure your objective or summary is direct.  This is a quick way to tell the employer who you are.

Watch your tense.  Your current position should have present tense and prior positions should be in past tense.

Make the resume easy to read; sounds basic, but so many resumes get tossed because they appear convoluted.  Distinctly highlight the main headers and sub-headers.  Don’t use fonts that are too small or hard to read.

Don’t be afraid to note accomplishments.  The more solid accomplishments you can highlight, the better.  Employers love to see how you’ve positively impacted prior employers.