There are many resumes that we see which fall victim to popular myths.  Don’t fall for these common resume myths:

A resume should show personality.  FALSE, let your job history and accomplishments speak for themselves.  If they like your career history, then you can show your personality on an interview.

A resume should only be one page.  FALSE, while resumes should be a succinct overview, don’t get too caught up in keeping everything to one page.

A resume should only show ten years’ experience.  FALSE, employers want to see your career history and how you have progressed.  Starting a resume somewhere in the middle is not always the best tactic.  Try to highlight all relevant industry experience and show your rise to your present position.

A resume should include hobbies.  FALSE, unless the hobby is relevant to the position.  Philanthropic/community work is worth highlighting, but your love of karaoke is not worth mentioning.

A resume should include references.  FALSE, references should be made available when requested; this is usually close to receiving a job offer.  Also, it is not necessary to include the phrase “references available upon request” in your resume.

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